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    Welcome to CSC Indy, where quality and service come together!

    Computer Service Center was originally established as Mr. Micro in 1992. Mr. Scott O'Toole started the business and ran it until he passed away September 2010. The new owner, James Cole, was employed by Scott at the time of his passing. In order to continue serving Indianapolis' North West side, James decided to take ownership and continues to provide the same great service that has been offered over the past 20 years.


    Little about us

    Welcome to CSC Indy, where quality and service come together!

    We are under new ownership and ready to bring the best service possible to you right now! You will receive better, faster, top quality service from everyone here at CSC Indy! Along with our quality service, comes an extremely fast turn around time . In most cases we can have your computer back to you within 1-2 days of the time of confirmed service! So, come on in to see us in our non-corporate, relaxed, no pressure atmosphere, and we will save you money and time right now!

  • Our Products

    Computer Service Center in Indianapolis is more than just a repair shop, offering many refurbished computers for sale as well as parts and accessories.

    We offer a wide selection of new and used parts and accessories. If we do not have what you need in stock, we can order a quality part for you in most cases.

    Each of our refurbished computers comes with a 6-month parts and labor warranty!!!

    Each of our refurbished computers comes with a 6-month parts and labor warranty!!!

    Ac adapters starting at $40. Each comes brand new carrying a 5 year warranty.

    We apologize for the lack of information in this section, as it is under construction.

  • Best Services

    Whether your computer is running slow, behaving strangely, or not powering on at all, the experts at Computer Service Center can accurately diagnose and repair it!!

    All diagnostics and repairs are performed on a first come, first served basis. While we attempt to provide an estimate of required time, this is strictly an estimate and will vary.


    Services Overview

    At Computer Service Center, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

    We provide a variety of services including but not limited to:

    Standard Diagnostic Service
    A diagnostic evaluation by one of our trained service technicians , with a quote for the labor and parts , if necessary . Service on a first come , first serve basis. Laptop disassembly not included. This fee is applied to any repairs.
    $20.00 this fee will be applied to any work done

    Premium Diagnostic Service
    In addition to the Standard Diagnostic Service , a technician will begin working on your computer immediately, and we will physically clean the outside of your computer with electronic -safe chemicals as well as blow out the internal dust, that can slow down and even permanently damage your system.

    Minimum Labor
    The minimum amount of labor charged for miscellaneous services . Generally speaking , half an hour's work.

    Virus Removal $99.00
    We will remove all viruses, malware, spyware, etc. from your computer. in addition, we will install free antivirus software and a safer web browser onto your computer. If your computer is booting Windows when it comes in, but we determine that the virus has infected the Operating System to a degree that removal will render Windows unstable or unuseable, we may be forced to perform a Wipe & Reload(see below) at no additional charge. Note:This does not apply to computers that are not booting when they come in, regardless of the cause.

    Wipe & Reload $150.00
    When your computer does not boot Windows, or is in an unstable or unuseable state, we erase the entire harddrive, and install a fresh operating system, all relevant drivers, and security patches. Any files you deem to be important(pictures, documents, music, videos, etc. but not programs) will be backed up first. We will also install a full suite of free/open-source software as a value-added service. These are free forever, not free trials.

    Game Console Repair $45.00 - $75+
    We can fix all modern game console systems with broken or malfunctioning disc drives, and overheating issues. Prices will vary depending on the particular issue.

    Data Recovery $60.00
    Do you need data moved from one computer to another? Is your computer broken but you need files off it? Did you delete something accidently?We will amke a best effort to recover, repair, or otherwise rescue your data. In some cases we may be forced to recommend a 3rd party service for more advanced recovery options.

    General Clean-up $60.00

    Note these prices cover the majority of situations, and are subject to change on a case -by-case basis, due to complexity . If a price adjustment is required , you will be notified prior.

  • Best Services

    At Computer Service Center, we understand that time lost due to hardware and software issues costs your business money. We offer several varying packages to suit your business' needs ranging from per incident hourly rates to more involved monthly, quarterly, and even yearly maintenance and/or troubleshooting.

    Business Services Overview

    At Computer Service Center, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs.

    Why outsource IT if your employees are handling it just fine?

    When it comes to your company’s technology, your current employees may be handling things without a problem. However, the question is will they be able to handle things in the future. You need to consider how much time your employees are spending with tech issues, instead of focusing on their own jobs. You also need to realize that technology is constantly changing from year to year. It takes a lot of time, effort and money to stay on top of the latest advancements in IT and to train your employees.

    Main Reason to outsource IT

    The main Reason for outsourcing your company’s IT is cost. Outsourcing can help save am company money in the form of not having to hire additional employees, not having to increase the hours your employees are currently working and not having to buy new software with every advancement. Outsourcing can also provide better productivity and allow you to supply your customers with a better and more efficient product or service.

    What is the cost savings for outsourcing IT

    Cost savings benefits will differ for every company. The expected Return on Investment (ROI) is 30%, on average in cost reductions and increased productivity. It takes time to solve technical problems. Time that your employees can use to focus on the operation of the company and the goals to increase operations.

    Will you lose control of the IT department if you outsource?

    For business owners that prefer to have regular involvement in every area of their Company, outsourcing their IT Department may make them initially feel like the have lost control over the company’s Operations. However, this doesn’t have to be the result of outsourcing. An owner can choose to receive regular updates and have input into the process and decision-making. Outsourcing will free up the owner to focus more on the operations of the company and the long term direction of the business.

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    Computer Service Center

    5440 West 86th St
    Indianapolis, IN 46268
    Telephone: +1 317 334 1850
    E-mail: cscindianapolis@gmail.com

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  • Notices and Disclaimers

    Computers remaining in the store after 60 days without a minimum payment of 25% of the total balance will be considered abandoned and are subject to be sold to recover the outstanding debt.

    If you are unable to pick up your machine within this timeline, please contact us within the 60 days to make alternative arrangements and avoid any misunderstandings.

    While we will make every effort to preserve your data, we are not liable for lost or corrupted data. It is your responsibility to ensure any important data has been properly and recently backed up prior to bringing your computer in for service.

    How Long Does It take?
    Our "Standard Diagnostic Service" is provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. Therefore, we cannot accurately predict the length of time in which the service will be completed. With our "premium diagnostic service" you can have your computer on a technician's desk immediately. Any parts that need to be ordered from a 3rd party will affect the timeliness of your service. Our aim is to acquire quality parts at the cheapest rates available; however, expedited shipping options are often available, for a fee.

    Refurbished Computers
    Refurbished computers have a 6 month parts and labor warranty.
    While we make every effort to test the battery on laptops, the battery is not included in the warranty.
    Physical abuse/damage, such as broken screens and dc jacks, is also not covered in the waranty.

  • Every good mascot needs a name!

    The Colts have "Blue". The Pacers have "Boomer".
    We want your help to pick a great name for our computer man mascot!
    Some of you may have seen him out on 86th street! If not watch for him, he hands out discounts and coupons!
    Submit your name ideas to cscindycontest@gmail.com.

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